QuietCool whole house fan with Wemo switch - any experience/advice?

I’m getting a QuietCool whole house fan installed in a week or so, and it will include a Wemo wall switch that has a timer and 3-speed control. The Wemo switch is evidently controllable from a mobile phone (I assume via the Wemo app).

Searched here but didn’t find anything on the Wemo whole house fan switch. Anyone have any info/experience/advice w/how and how well it integrates w/SmartThings?

I just use a GE on off switch for mine. The speed switch is next to it. Thus, I can turn mine on and off, but can’t control speed (which we almost never change, it has four speeds).

I’ve got a large QuietCool fan setup on their smart controller (only because it has multiple speeds).

I just put one a 1500cfm QuietCool single speed unit for the master bedroom yesterday and I tied it to a GE on/off switch. Worked great this morning :wink:

I’ll be adding another 1500 in the garage with the same setup shortly.

I did have a co worker install his whole house fan with a We-Mo switch (another QuietCool unit) and he has been happy with that setup. I just wanted to tie mine into smartthings.

Thanks - so you have on/off via the GE switch, speed via another switch, but no timer it sounds like. Is that correct?

I’m getting conflicting info on Wemo switches - I see a number of people on Amazon saying they integrated their Wemo light switch with ST w/out a custom DH. Do you know if your friend is using his Wemo switch w/ST?

And when you say you used “their smart controller” are you referring to the QuietCool hub (https://www.amazon.com/QuietCool-Wi-Fi-Smart-Control-36001/dp/B07254V5C3/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1538146541&sr=8-3&keywords=quietcool+wifi+smart+control)? I’ve heard from multiple sources (including two different QuietCool installers) that the QuietCool hub is not reliable, and the reviews on Amazon are not good. How has the hub been for you?

Found out they are just installing a standard Wemo light switch (https://www.amazon.com/Light-Switch-enabled-Google-Assistant/dp/B00DGEGJ02/ref=sr_1_3?s=lamps-light&ie=UTF8&qid=1538179444&sr=1-3&keywords=wemo+light+switch) and a separate speed control switch next to it.

Initial description they gave me made it sound like they were talking about a special combined speed control and on/off Wemo switch. That mystery solved.

But still not 100% sure if the Wemo switch is currently natively supported by ST.

I was told the same thing until they went to hook it up and then looked confused. At that point, there was already a hole in my ceiling. Again, not a big deal because we almost never change the speed.

Mine is in, along with the Wemo switch, and all is well. The switch added to Smartthings without issue after I added it to the Wemo app. I control the switch via the Google Home 99% of the time, and run it on low speed pretty much all of the time. Really love the fan, works great.

Can anyone on this thread give me some wiring advice? I installed my QuietCool 5400 and purchased the 3-way WeMo switch. After messing with the wiring, I am only able to have it go on/off or Hi/Lo while always on…

Very frustrating. Has anyone wired their own and remember the configuration?