Questions about your Discourse customizations 😊

Hey all, the title says it all. I’m a SmartThings customer and I also help run a small community at Unbounce using Discourse and we’re interested in a few of the customizations y’all have implemented.

1. Custom Header

We noticed your custom header/explainer and we’d love to do something similar. We also noticed that it only shows on the homepage… how can we do this? Could we possibly have a different header for each category?

2. Custom Fonts

Your fonts are just gorgeous. We want them. What are you using?

3. Custom Tagging

I noticed the ‘choose optional tags for this topic’… how do we do that? What is this magic?

I’d love to connect with the designers/developers on your team that are helping to make the forums so delightful. Feel free to reach out here via DM, or via twitter and we’ll set up a call.

Thanks so much!

Hi Justin,

I visited your website It looks fantastic, great work and great content. I think I will stick around your website. Would you please share how you made it look so great and customization. I have my discourse website as well but it dosen’t look as cool as yours or anywhere near unbounce community.

I searched web for a while and it seems, not many people know about customization, I really appreciate, if your could share how discourse customization was done on your end.

Thank You
Brad Kelly