What is Smartthings Community Forums built on?

(Peter Richardson) #1

Sorry for posting this as a question but I love the forum and have seen it written somewhere but have searched for ages and can’t find it (@Aaron or @Ben ??)

What web service / platform does the SmartThings community forums use?

I’m a teacher and think it would be an awesome platform to use to share ideas between schools.

Anyone know?

(Marc) #2


BTW - The Web app works great on a mobile browser, as well as desktop browser, but I despise the fact Discouse doesn’t offer a mobile app and is not compatible with Tap-A-Talk.

(Jimmy) #3



(Aaron S) #4

Love, smiles, and unicorns… and Discourse

(Peter Richardson) #5

Thanks gents.

Unicorns can be pesky creatures.

(Brian Diehl) #6

If it wasn’t for those Unicorns, you could have just abbreviated that as LSD.

(Brian) #7

And the occasional Rant, argument and Troll…But it wouldn’t be smartthings community it is if everyone was perfect.