What is Smartthings Community Forums built on?

Sorry for posting this as a question but I love the forum and have seen it written somewhere but have searched for ages and can’t find it (@Aaron or @Ben ??)

What web service / platform does the SmartThings community forums use?

I’m a teacher and think it would be an awesome platform to use to share ideas between schools.

Anyone know?

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BTW - The Web app works great on a mobile browser, as well as desktop browser, but I despise the fact Discouse doesn’t offer a mobile app and is not compatible with Tap-A-Talk.

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Love, smiles, and unicorns… and Discourse


Thanks gents.

Unicorns can be pesky creatures.


If it wasn’t for those Unicorns, you could have just abbreviated that as LSD.

And the occasional Rant, argument and Troll…But it wouldn’t be smartthings community it is if everyone was perfect.

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