Questions about the new color capability

I have some questions concerning the “proposed” capability.color.

  1. Are there any devices that currently use this new capability?
  2. What is the format of the setControlValue command? Would this be a valid input: { “colorValue”: { “hue”: 320, “saturation”: 30 }, “switchLevel”: 80 }
  3. Is the color attribute a RGB color in the format #rrggbb


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Why the heck did Level and Switch get added to Color when those are already a part of a existing widely used Capabilities?

Is it that hard for a SmartApp to call setLevel() and switch() separately from setColor()?

Meh … If you know me well, I wrote extensive essay on this in the Capability Types Suggestions Community Category … years ago. It asked the question: What should the appropriate granularity of a Capability be? Big, small? Is redundancy good or bad? Should Capabilities have inheritance? Be polymorphic?

Capability definitions appear to be thrown together on an “as-needed” basis whenever a vendor comes along and asks for a device to be certified.