Question on Enbrighten Dimmable Smart Switch

I am needing to purchase several Enbrighten Dimmable Smart Switches. What I need to know is how you mechanically dim the switches at the switch for the non standard type toggle switch. It appears to me that with the standard old fashion type switch they have a mechanical slider bar under the toggle but I don’t see how its done on the ones you tap on the top or bottom. Any help would be appreciated as I don’t see an answer to this in the specifications.

Assuming you are talking about a Decora style paddle switch, you press and hold the top to increase the intensity and press and hold the bottom to decrease intensity.


Thanks a million for the answer! I’am getting ready to purchase about six for my son’s new installation and was not sure how they worked. I assume if you just tap “on” quickly it comes up at whatever the last brightness setting was.

By default, yes, they come on at the previous intensity level. There are enhanced drivers available that expose additional settings that allow you to control whether that is the behavior or if it comes on at a default dim level you set.

OK that sounds great. Thanks again for your help. I’m to old for all this new technology. I can wire them in but
the additional settings is above my pay grade. Hopefully I will learn what that’s all about in the near future.

DM me tomorrow and I’ll send you info.

I’ll try but I’am so new to this and forum’s that I don’t even know what DM is or how to do it. But I’am interested in learning.

Direct message me. Click on my user name and then Message.