Question about usage of relays with illuminated dumb switches

Hello guys,

I am considering adding an in-wall Aeon relay to the dumb 2-way decorator switch in my bedroom, and I’d appreciate your sage advice on the following matter. The switch is of a locator, or illuminated variety, meaning that there is a light in it that glows when the switch is in off position.

My understanding of the switch operation, once it’s wired via a Z-wave relay, is that it begins to behave essentially as a 3-way switch. The relay figures out the change in its status and reconciles it its own on-off state. My question, then, is how is it going to affect the locator light. I figure there has got to be some low-level current going thru the switch when it’s off, to create the circuit which the relay could monitor. Will it be enough to drive its low-voltage cathode lamp reliably, or will it flicker in a nasty way?

I don’t think the indicator light will be on at all and the switch will be like any dumb switch. It’s easy and cheap enough to replace it if it’s not working. Let us know what the outcome is.