Monoprice In-Wall Relay $23.99

It’s not the best price ever, but right now the monoprice in wall relay is on sale for $23.99

Edit: **single in-wall relay


So I have wondered how these work. I hear that I can use one of these to convert a traditional switch into a zwave compatible.

So does the traditional switch have to be on all the time, or does the relay sense the on/off request from the dumb switch and turn the light on/off?

The relay senses the on/ off. You don’t have to leave the switch on

Awesome. Thanks! I might have to try these out in some places then. In a spot where I have a 3-way setup (2 switches) can I just put a relay in one of them?

Please let us know how the 3-way goes using 2 relays. I wanted to use the Aeon micro relays but even though I had enough wires for a GE zwave dimmer and aux, the Techs at Aeon sad I still need to pull an additional wire.