Question about kitchen & smart lighting

Wow very nice kitchen.

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Thanks! I didn’t have the option to gut so I went with what I had. I’m poor so I did all the work myself. :nerd_face: As others have pointed out, lighting is important in a kitchen and we have 4 Smart Switches and an Add-on. Good luck and keep us updated!

Here’s a “sorta” before:


What brand light strip did you use? I’m thinking from all the reading that many people didnt use the Phillips light strip.

To add to the excellent advice and beautiful examples of kitchen lighting so far in this thread, here’s mine:

There are three smart switches (all on the right side of the kitchen) at work here:

  1. Added the most recently, the (4) ceiling flush-mounted lights are controlled via a 3-way Zooz Zen21 Z-Wave Plus Switch v3/Dumb 3-way ON/OFF switch combination. The nice thing about the Zooz switch is that it can be used with a dumb 3-way (or 4 or 5 way) switch(es). An add-on switch isn’t needed and wiring is easier. The bulbs are dumb LED’s.

  2. The (2) pendant lights (dumb LED’s) are controlled by a 2-way Jasco/GE 14294 ON/OFF Z-Wave Plus switch.

  3. The under-cabinet LED strip lights and (2) in-cabinet (behind the door glass) LED strip lights are controlled by another 2-way Jasco/GE 14294 ON/OFF Z-Wave Plus switch. The in-cabinet and under-cabinet lights used to be wired separately to a single pole top/bottom combination switch. When I changed to the smart switch, I wired them together since having the in-cabinet and under-cabinet lights work together was what I wanted anyway.

Control is via SmartThings, webCoRe, ActionTiles and Alexa. For Alexa, in addition to the individually named switches and associated lights, we have overlapping named lighting groups:

The Lights or Kitchen Lights - Since there is an Echo Show in the kitchen that’s associated with just the pendants and cabinet lights, saying, “Alexa, turn the lights on” while in the kitchen turns on just those lights. Saying, “Alexa, turn on the Kitchen Lights” also works in the kitchen or with any of the (9) other echo devices throughout the house to turn on pendant and cabinet lights.
Cooking Lights - When we cook, we like it to be bright. So, saying, "Alexa, turn on the Cooking Lights turns on the pendant and cabinet lights - and it adds the ceiling lights too.

Having a well-lit kitchen with the flexibility you need/want makes a big difference. Good luck!


This is a video of my kitchen LED strips using the seller’s controller.

They are now Alexa controlled using “strips dimmer”, “brighter” etc.

Here’s mine. The hihat above the stove has a Cree white bulb. The pendants above the island are on a Zooz smart dimmer.

Here’s how I handled the under-counter lights above the coffee pot:


I like the look of those pendants, modern, but they don’t clash with the chandelier. :sunglasses:

The chandelier is leaving us soon, in favor of something more modern :slightly_smiling_face:


Love seeing the kitchen pics. Here’s ours.

House is new, completed June 2018. I’m doing dumb to smart switch conversion myself, bit by bit.

  • There are a total of 8 LED can lights on two Zooz Zen27 and one Leviton dimmers. I tied them all together using a virtual dimmer.

  • Island pendants, under cabinet lights and “upper upper” in-cabinet pucks will get Zooz dimmers next

  • Two can lights in the pantry will get a Zooz switch, maybe a motion sensor, tbd.


Do you actually use your kitchen? It looks so clean and everything in place.


LOL! Last November our architect sent out a photographer to shoot the whole place for his files and possible marketing. Those pics are from that. Everything was, of course, as clean and neat as we could make it.


Heh. It will tell you a lot about our kitchen planning if I mention that we recently went to Home Depot to look at countertop choices and told the employee we needed the one that was least likely to scratch when the dog put his paws up to get something off the counter. :sunglasses:

(not my dog, but the same behavior)


I noticed no one is using color light bulbs in thier kitchen redo’s. Should I just go with good led lighting & smart switches.

Some people will use a color strip for notifications, like the mail is in, the laundry is done, etc. And some people like to be able to change the color temperature, usually cooler while working and warmer for dining. So it just varies. :sunglasses:

Will be kitchen be bright with Phillips hue?

Different models are different brightness. And of course it depends on how many you have. A regular Phillips hue bulb is essentially a 60 W equivalent as far as brightness goes, typically around 700 lm.

I have RGBWW LED Strips and the controller even allows for them to change colors and dance and stuff like that based on music playing. Was cool for the first month. Haven’t changed colors on them in over a year…Anyway, not much difference in price so might as well have the option. Never know when the mood needs to be set for something other than cooking…:zipper_mouth_face:


[quote=“all4dom, post:33, topic:161238, full:true”]
I noticed no one is using color light bulbs in thier kitchen redo’s.

I disagree. Aside from the Cree bulb over the stove, all my kitchen lights are now Hue color. Four hihats, two lightstrips. And if I add more, they will also be Hue color.

Color lighting is so incredibly versatile! It sets moods, it can be used as indicators, it decorates and enhances… having spent tens of thousands to rebuild my kitchen, there’s no way I was gonna scrimp on the lighting.

Here’s a pic showing it. Intermingled among the chandelier you can see one of the hihats, with Hue bulb in blue. The other hihat is clearly visible, in red… and the backsplash tiles are painted purple by the under-counter light strip.


I have considered color-adjustable bulbs but I don’t want to deal with the changes necessary to have them powered at all times but switchable from existing electrical boxes.

And that’s the other reason I haven’t done color-adjustable lights. Novelty factor would wear off quickly.

We humans are creatures of habit.

My wife routinely uses the wall switch to turn off the Hue bulbs in the upstairs bathroom, to my bemusement. The switch for those has been in-place for 16 years, so she just hits the switch as a matter of course.

On the other hand, she has never once utilized the wall switches for the kitchen! The renovation eliminated the wall where the old wall switch for that room previously existed - and the new switches are located next to, but not in, the kitchen. I have not even installed my smartphone-switches for that room yet. She’s using Alexa exclusively to operate the lights in that room. As am I.

As for ‘novelty’ - as JD would say, choice is good. For my own part, we’ve had Alexa color bulbs in the house for awhile now. Nearly two years. And we constantly utilize the various colors. I like the living room purple in the evening, for example. My wife likes it pink or orange. Likewise with the kitchen. The buffet wth the lightstrip above can be many colors. Pink and blue look especially great on the backsplash tiles. If you think you’ll only ever do on/off with lighting then definitely save yourself a few bucks by not purchasing color lights.

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