Question about kitchen & smart lighting

As @johnconstantelo Already mentioned, you can absolutely have a smart switch and smart lighting together as long as the smart switch does not control the current to the light. Instead, the switch sends a message to the hub and the hub sends a message to the light. There are many options for this.

See the following FAQ. It says “hue” in the topic title, but it applies to any brand of smart lights. :sunglasses::level_slider::bulb:

Thanks guys & a couple of questions. When I say smart switch I mean a switch like a ge zwave switch. How would I hardwire a Phillip’s light switch if it has a plug at the end. Do tje wires get spliced? I never saw under the cabinet lighting but that is something to think about. The saving grace is my kitchen is small but what stinks is it needs a complete gut because everything is so weird ho it was designed or I should say lack of design.

Should I be using Phillip’s strips? Looking at some of the kitchen projects people are not using Phillip’s strip ligjts.

Phillips Hue strip lights are excellent quality and easy to use, but typically more expensive than using dumb light strips With a smart controller. So it’s up to you.

We use Phillips Hue at our house because since I have to pay someone else to do any setup, it actually ended up being cheaper for us to get something that just plugged in and worked. :sunglasses:

How could I hook up huge light strip to a switch?

My personal choice would be to use the new “friends of hue“ battery free switch that you can stick up anywhere. It doesn’t have to be wired, it uses kinetic energy.

It works best with the hue bridge, but it will work directly with a smartthings hub that supports zigbee 3.0 (the V3 or the Wi-Fi model) but don’t worry about controlling the switch, that’s just to have the convenience manual control. Set up your automation to control the strips themselves.

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That’s a good idea jd, I read about that switch. Why didn’t I even think of it.

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I just did a complete gut/rebuild of my kitchen. I have five hihats with Hue color bulbs, and two color hue light strips under cabinets. The power is run from above, and down between cabinets.

I’m happy with it. However, after al was complete the wife asked for lighting IN the glass-front cabinets. The cabinets are up to the ceiling so I can’t do that without tearing up some of the brand new molding. Were I to do it over again I would have put some lights in those cabinets.

For switches I’m using cheap smartphones. Very versatile.


Two thoughts:

  • if you’re doing a complete gut, then you should hard-wire your lighting. Getting an electrician to add boxes to connect lighting will be a minor expense in such a large project

  • More is better. Lots of good suggestions in other posts. You’re basically getting one chance while the room is back to bare walls so take the opportunity to put lights everywhere. It’s very unlikely you will later wish you had fewer lights!

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Good point. :sunglasses: I know several people who have added outlets inside of cabinets during a remodel specifically so they can switch lighting or sensors or cameras later.

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So I could put an outlet inside the cabinet for the light strips?

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Sure, it’s just like putting an outlet under the sink for a garbage disposal. Or in a center cabinet for a microwave. :sunglasses:

Or this:

image|304x304|alt=“Kitchen drawer with phone charging outlet installed”


I used thermostat wire and connectors for my LED strips. Put the Controller on a Smart Switch.


Wow very nice kitchen.

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Thanks! I didn’t have the option to gut so I went with what I had. I’m poor so I did all the work myself. :nerd_face: As others have pointed out, lighting is important in a kitchen and we have 4 Smart Switches and an Add-on. Good luck and keep us updated!

Here’s a “sorta” before:


What brand light strip did you use? I’m thinking from all the reading that many people didnt use the Phillips light strip.

To add to the excellent advice and beautiful examples of kitchen lighting so far in this thread, here’s mine:

There are three smart switches (all on the right side of the kitchen) at work here:

  1. Added the most recently, the (4) ceiling flush-mounted lights are controlled via a 3-way Zooz Zen21 Z-Wave Plus Switch v3/Dumb 3-way ON/OFF switch combination. The nice thing about the Zooz switch is that it can be used with a dumb 3-way (or 4 or 5 way) switch(es). An add-on switch isn’t needed and wiring is easier. The bulbs are dumb LED’s.

  2. The (2) pendant lights (dumb LED’s) are controlled by a 2-way Jasco/GE 14294 ON/OFF Z-Wave Plus switch.

  3. The under-cabinet LED strip lights and (2) in-cabinet (behind the door glass) LED strip lights are controlled by another 2-way Jasco/GE 14294 ON/OFF Z-Wave Plus switch. The in-cabinet and under-cabinet lights used to be wired separately to a single pole top/bottom combination switch. When I changed to the smart switch, I wired them together since having the in-cabinet and under-cabinet lights work together was what I wanted anyway.

Control is via SmartThings, webCoRe, ActionTiles and Alexa. For Alexa, in addition to the individually named switches and associated lights, we have overlapping named lighting groups:

The Lights or Kitchen Lights - Since there is an Echo Show in the kitchen that’s associated with just the pendants and cabinet lights, saying, “Alexa, turn the lights on” while in the kitchen turns on just those lights. Saying, “Alexa, turn on the Kitchen Lights” also works in the kitchen or with any of the (9) other echo devices throughout the house to turn on pendant and cabinet lights.
Cooking Lights - When we cook, we like it to be bright. So, saying, "Alexa, turn on the Cooking Lights turns on the pendant and cabinet lights - and it adds the ceiling lights too.

Having a well-lit kitchen with the flexibility you need/want makes a big difference. Good luck!


This is a video of my kitchen LED strips using the seller’s controller.

They are now Alexa controlled using “strips dimmer”, “brighter” etc.

Here’s mine. The hihat above the stove has a Cree white bulb. The pendants above the island are on a Zooz smart dimmer.

Here’s how I handled the under-counter lights above the coffee pot:


I like the look of those pendants, modern, but they don’t clash with the chandelier. :sunglasses: