Qubino Flush 1D Relay Factory reset proplem

I tried so many ways to reset the 1D relay
And follow the instructions for 240v
They said press the l1 5 times …

But ther is nothing happening! So the question is
How can i reset this product to factory reseet!?

@TheSmartestHouse sells qubino devices. Maybe they can help.

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Were you able to exclude it? Exclusion usually works as a reset as well.

When they say “press the l1 5 times”, what they mean is that you need to toggle the switch connected to the I1 terminal 5 times as quickly as possible. Is this what you’ve been trying?

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Exactly this is what i do!

How about exclusion? Were you able to remove it from the network?

I had similar challenges but this is what worked for me:
Toggle 3 times within 3 seconds, not 5. I brought my hub close during exclusion and it worked for me.

No! I tried but there is no hope with Exclusion!
Nothing happened when I toggle 3 or 5 times

Thank u my friend
But Nothing happened when I toggle 3 or 5 times
Can you show me your wire that’s connecting with the Relay so i can compare it with my wire?

I live in the US and have one of these hooked up to the relay:

I use one of the switches to cut power to the relay, and the other for pairing/exclude. Basically I have 120v going from one of these switches to the Load on the relay and 120v from the other switch going to I1.

To exclude it, I used the toggle switch hooked up to I1 where I turned it on and off 3 times within 3 seconds while my ST hub was right above it - the relay is in my crawl space. I remember having to do it a few times to work.

Are you able to control the module manually from the switch though or does it seem completely unresponsive?

Thanks Michael I will try this

Completely unresponsive! The lights always switched on

It looks like there may be an issue with the wiring or the module. If you purchased the module from our store, please get in touch with our support and send them your order details so they can troubleshoot and process a replacement for you if needed: