Qubino Flush 1, 1D, 2 Relay - Native SmartThings Support

Qubino’s Flush relays are now supported natively in SmartThings. unfortunately, that support is messy with terminology issues and not all parameters can be modified using the App or the Groovy IDE. Specifically, I need “Parameter no. 11 - Turn Load 1 (Q⬆) Off Automatically with Timer” to use the relay as a garage door momentary switch. Also, when I add the device using the app, I can choose from four models, but they all show up as a “Flush 2 Relay” in the IDE. I’ve submitted a ticket to SmartThings support. Has anyone else seen this? Have you found a workaround to get the garage door momentary switch working?

Crickets… So I am the only one then? Another ticket submitted.

I think the *bump is warranted, but just from what I’ve gathered from some of the Devs around here, there is waning interest in continued attention to Groovy, considering it’s going away at a still unspecified time, but presumably soon.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around how it’s all supposed to play out, but I am far from in-the-know.

All considered, the ticket may at least draw some attention to the issue, but I dunno…

Anyway, I hate to see subjects where nobody responds, so another *bump at least.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks, James. It’s not just Groovy. The same parameters are present in the App settings for that device. It’s supposed to be supported natively, but current support doesn’t have all the setting needed to configure the device for some common use cases. I’ve also contacted Qubino, but they claim they have no influence over SmartThings’ implementation.

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