Qubino Flush 1D Relay - Adding a Contact Sensor

I know there’s a thread for the handlers for the Qubino’s but I thought this question may warrant it’s own thread as it’s not really handler related.

I have implemented a Qubino Flush 1D Relay on a driveway gate. As I did not have 24VDC available without adding a transformer, the Qubino is powered by 120VAC. The output connections are hooked up to trigger the gate’s open/close mechanism (dry contacts). I have the relay set to turn off after 2 seconds and that’s all working great.

Now I want to add a contact sensor. I have figured-out where I can add a reed switch in the gate motor/control housing and my current plan is to use an Ecolink with external terminals. However, the Qubino says that I2 can be used for a contact sensor BUT it seems only if you are powering the relay with 24VDC. I’ve searched high and low and can’t find any solid details other than the wiring diagrams in the Qubino extended manual that show an example of garage sensors hooked up to a 24VDC powered relay (and not 120VAC).

Anyone have a clue if I can use the Qubino sensor capability with a reed switch in my configuration? My thought is no as I think it would effectively be switching a 120VAC circuit and the reeds are certainly not rated for that.

You got it…plus 120 is AC and the reed switch needs DC to work.

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