Qolsys IQ Panel

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Does anyone know if this panel is/can be supported? Or even something like it. I’m trying to replace my existing alarm panels so if anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears. This is as much for WAF as it is functionality.

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I second this request!

Have you looked at smarttiles? This is a third-party dashboard app that runs in just about any web browser, so you can put it in a wallmount tablet. Highly customizable so you can show just the devices you want to show come and change the colors, include screen capture from security video, etc. Very popular in the community. There’s even a thread just for discussion of various hardware options that people have done with it. It gives you a lot of options.




Some people use it on a $20 Wi-Fi phone instead of a tablet.


Specifically designed for SmartThings . :sunglasses:

Another option is the remotec ZRC 90. This is a small eight button switch that actually gives you 24 options. Because each button has three recognizable patterns: press, hold, and double tap. Not as flashy looking as smart tiles, but some people prefer a more tactile button. Choice is good. :sunglasses:

Here’s the code for that one:

I might be able to get away with it and just put a lock screen on the tablet. I have a few laying around here I think.

I keep holding out on the notion that someone has created a true wall panel for alarm specific functions.

The second gen Lowe’s Iris keypad will work with SmartThings with community code, but it has many fewer features than the QolSys. The Iris product is just for security. So it doesn’t give you weather or time or control of other devices the way smarttiles would. This has become a very popular option in the community.


I have successfully added SmartThings as a secondary controller and can control the Z-Wave devices connected to the Qolsys from SmartThings app.
There’s not really a way to go the other way around with my method. I think having it one way is fine, as long as your OK with the home automation being ran by ST. I let the Alarm system monitor the perimeter and I use ST to automate the house.
It would be great to get the Z-Wave locks working but for security sake I think its a safe exception.
The next step would be to get statuses of the door sensors and utilize them in ST. That would need to be an Alarm.com (or provider) SmartApp in ST I would assume. With that then you could use the Scenes to trigger scenes from different systems. It gets messy but if it works, it works.

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You said toy successfully are controlling devices in your iqpanel with smartthings? Please tell me view you managed to get that to work. I can get the iqpanel to see the hub as other device but that’s it. No control in the ST app.

DZ511, Im currently traveling so I cant remember all the specifics until I can get back to the panel. The panel needs to be the primary zwave controller. It is by default but if you had unchecked that box in the settings on the qolsys panel at one point then go back and make sure that is selected. Make sure the zwave devices are connected to and working with the qolsys panel. In the smartthings app you need to get to the zwave utilities. It is found by selecting the ‘More’ tab and then tapping your ST hub status. Then you will see your hub information and zwave utilities. You will now add the ST hub to the qolsys panel like you do with any zwave device. So start a add device on the qolsys panel and within a few moments select ‘include / exclude hub from existing zwave network’ on the ST app. This wait takes longer then adding a normal device. The qolsys panel could mention something about secured devices. It wont keep you from making this work but I noticed i cant lock unlock or get an accurate status of my locks. The zwave devices should populate in your list of things in the ST app and should be ready to control.Let me know if this works for you, im only 90% sure this is the process i used.

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Thanks for the quick reply even while traveling. The method you described seemed like the most logical to me as well but the SmartThings app will not populate any of the devices I have added in the IQPanel. I’m actually not at all concerned about locks or thermostats, it’s the lighting that I’m trying to get to work. I currently use Insteon devices which work flawlessly with Echo and I’d like to retain the voice control of the lighting in addition to adding in triggers with alarm.com.

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I followed your above instructions but after I added the smartthings hub to my IQ2 Panel. I currently have a couple of z wave switches paired with the panel and alarm.com. I can’t seem to figure out how to get them to show up in smartthings though. I can’t add them manually. Not sure if there is another way or a step that I am missing. They didn’t eventually show up on their own.
Any help would be appreciated.

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I’m trying to do the same thing. Did you ever get your devices that are paired with the Qolsys to show up in the SmartThings app?

I gave up on that because after I was able to get the ST hub seen as a secondary z wave controller on the IQ2 panel I couldn’t get any of the z wave devices that I had paired with the IQ2 Panel to pair with the ST hub. I ended up removing everything from the IQ2 panel and moved it over to the ST hub.


I’m new to ST (Xmas present), but I have an alarm.com system with a qolsys iqpanel as the controller. The IQ panel has a z wave controller and it works fine and all. But I also got an Amazon echo for Xmas, and after some tinkering I believe there is far less lag with ST where lights are concerned. Additionally, echo requires you to “ask alarm.com to dim the lights” which is kind of aggravating. However, I have a kwickset touchpad lock that is better integrated with the alarm.com system. In order to manage user codes for both the door and the alarm, I really need to leave the lock on the IQ panel. I’d really like to trigger lights when the door is unlocked, so I was hoping someone has figured out a way to make the IQ panel and ST play nice together.

I’d love to be able to arm my alarm for the night, have the doors lock and the lights go out with a single app or voice command.

Anybody work out a similar scenario?


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I too am interested in learning if anyone has had success in getting the Qolsys IQ panel working with SmartThings.

I understand the IQ panel needs to be the master though I am unclear on how to get z-wave devices to populate in the ST as well as learning which you can control with the ST app.

My desire was to get more granularity in creating scenes than is currently capable with the Alarm.com emPower functionality.

Thanks all.

I’m right there with you @absentspace and @jtharveyjr. Been an Alarm.com customer for 12 years now and have been along for the journey through their automation from x10 to zwave from a simon 3 panel to a Qolsys IQ panel. The biggest advantage of keeping the Qolsys panel in the loop is the ability to use existing non-zwave security sensors to interact with z-wave devices for automation rather than duplicating z-wave or zigbee sensors where sensors exist already for security purposes. The qolsys panel is for the most part a much better security device in terms of cellular backup, central monitoring and other true security features that adhere to recognized security standards. That said, while the automation features have greatly expanded in recent iterations of the website and app, the actual hardware support on the panel is still very limited in comparison to ST hub and the likes.

I personally think the best move for Alarm.com is to offer cloud-to-cloud integration with systems like SmartThings so that the sensor activity could be exposed to SmartThings to use for automation without the need for a local z-wave controller on the panel. It’s nearly the way it works in their own system from what I understand since not all of the automation happens locally on the panel. Alarm.com is already supporting certain devices like Lutron RadioRa lights and Chamberlain MyQ garage openers in a cloud-to-cloud scenario.

I too received a ST hub for Christmas and I’ve been determined to make the hardware level integration work. I’ve had limited success using the ST hub as primary controller and the Qolsys as secondary (available in firmware 1.6.1 and later however I’m running and recommend 1.6.2). In primary testing with a couple devices, all seemed good and the inclusion went smoothly. The ST hub showed up as an unknown device on the Qolsys and the Qolsys showed up as a generic controller in ST. Things got worse when I learned my entire network of devices of varying brand and age into ST Hub and then attempted to use the “Add controller” function on the Qolsys (exposed when you uncheck the Make Primary Controller box in the Qolsys settings). Firstly, the ST hub crashes after it sends a device list payload to the Qolsys panel and reboots itself. When this happens, the Qolsys panel isn’t learned into the ST hub device list but if I unplug the ST hub after it initially crashes, most of the devices load “successfully” into the Qolsys panel even with the ST hub unplugged. It seems the ST crash happens after it’s trying to acknowledge something back from Qolsys is my guess, it’s already sent it’s device list and Qolsys is able to chug through adding them one at a time, chiming after each device is added. I don’t get my older schlage BE369 lock to show up in the Qolsys even though it was successfully added as a device (with limited functionality) previously and it works with full functionality on ST using the native DH.

The biggest issue I’ve encountered is that Qolsys isn’t as aware of the z-wave states of devices as ST hub is. I can control devices form the Alarm.com app for most functions (lights on/off, locks lock/unlock). I’m not able to send user codes to the Yale locks in my system nor can I see status changes from the locks or lights when initiated from ST. More testing is required because I swear on initial attempts to load the devices into the Qolsys panel from ST the devices had full communication with both systems but I tried relearning the devices so many times it’s hard to say at this point.

Much of the automation that’s initiated from Alarm.com works, lights turn on when motion is sensed, locks lock when panel is armed as I’ve setup rules for these actions. I just don’t think automation attempts from ST will be recognized by the Qolsys/ADC app.

Anyway, long winded I know but that’s as far as I’ve got. I’ve spoken to Qolsys and ST support and both of them throw their hands up essentially saying they (Qolsys) don’t support using the Qolsys as a secondary controller or they (SmartThings) don’t support using a secondary controller with the ST hub. This seems very silly to me for systems purporting to adhere to the z-wave standards which HAVE provisions for a primary/secondary controller scheme. What I don’t know is how these standards vary when you are talking about the difference between a controller classified as a static controller vs a portable controller (I’ve found over the years that portable controllers support the primary/secondary scheme generally pretty well).


Have you tried with the ST controller as the backup and the Qolsys as the primary?

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@jtharveyjr, I read about other people who tried to use ST as a secondary controller and didn’t find it to be a very viable solution over what I have now. Biggest downside to my integration is the missing one of my z-wave locks on the Qolsys panel and the fact that stateful information is not shared between controllers. For instance, I can’t get some of the lock auotmation to work from Alarm.com like being able to disarm the panel with a lock is unlocked as it seems the initial lock status is passed to the prmary controller (ST) and doesn’t make it to the secondary (Qolsys) controller at all. I can, however, get the automation on Alarm.com that asks the door lock to lock when the panel is armed to work fine.

Why I have not had an opportunity to try utilizing ST as a backup controller, I understand that if the Qolsys panel can see the zwave device directly that it should (emphasis on should) also see the device through the ST controller if the Qolsys panel is the master and the ST controller is the backup.

Once I get this connected and tested, I will reply back.

I have tried this procedure, but nothing happens. This is what I’m doing.
Check box off primary controller from IQ Panel. Then click On to add/remove controller I’m IQ Panel. Next I go to ST app and click on add device under things tab. As soon as I do that, ST goes offline on app, but IQ Panel says “getting information”. It looks like it’s pairing, but after a few minutes I get a message on IQ panel saying unable to get infirmation from manufacturers and the ID screen on IQ panel is blank like it did not find anything. ST is still offline on App. If I click on add/remove controller again on IQ Panel, it says Panel is already linked to a device and I can remove it by removing all or put it back in primary controller. I still don’t see any device added to that screen anfpd no lights to show up on panel or app. I then have to unplug ST to make it come back online. What am I doing wrong:(. Please help and give me specific instructions so I can make ST primary controller and IQ Panel secondary. Only reason i bought ST is so Idon’t have to say, “Alexa, ask alarm.com to…”.so my intention was to put all my lights on ST and Alarm.com controls my thermostat and garage opener. I wanted lights to show up on alarm.com Panel as secondary so when I click “away” on alarm.com Panel, I can set a rule to turn off all my lights too. Is there a better way to do this function? Please help!