Pushbullet device with service manager

I’ve created an easy way to create Pushbullet devices in ST that can be used with my Pushbullet Notifier (and various other apps tat have included Pushbullet notifications - like Smart Alarm). The installation instructions are in github. It also includes the Pushbullet Notifier. Thanks again to @625alex for getting me started with this. Enjoy!

Device Type:

Service Manager:


So this is how the community gets idividual push messages.

Well done!

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Thanks! this is great. I just got it setup. The only thing I am having trouble with is getting my Chrome notifications from my phone to my browser. This is most likely a PushBullet issue, but anyone know how to do this? I do have it checked in my browser to push phone notifications to the browser.

Are you referring to pushing from the “Pushbullet” app or from ST? I just tested mine from the Pushbullet app to my browser and it works for me.

I am pushing ST/PushBullet Connect to my phone. From there, it is my understanding that the phone will push the notifications to your browser if you set it to do so in the options in your browser extension.

I’m not sure about that, but the way I have it setup is you need to install a separate device (using a 2nd instance of the PB Connect app) that is just for your browser. Just go through the install process for the service manager again, except choose “Chrome” from the list instead of your device. The PB Notifier app has the option of using multiple PB devices to push to.

Thanks. I figured that was a valid workaround, just makes ST even more messier than it already is! Thanks for your work on this though, it’s great!

If you are worried about devices cluttering up your “Things”, I’ve grouped all my devices I don’t need access to in a group called “System”. Just an idea that I found helps.

You should be able to upgrade your service manager to create all necessary PB devices from one instance. Didn’t my original manager do that?

Yes, but I had already made the majority of my service manager at that time and didn’t have the time to figure out how to do that. I will work on it eventually, but it won’t probably be for a while.

@baldeagle072 I get an unexpected error when I enter my token key in the push bullet connect APP what should I do? Just do be sure, in what format must I enter the token key in, just the key itself right?

It should be just the key itself. My key is 32 characters long. Can you post your logs for when you try to install?

When enter the API key and press NEXT I get the following error
I sent you a private PM with my log

I redid my notifier installation when I got a new phone and got this message after entering the API key. It’s 32 chars long.

My log shows this…

49ac4003-cd8c-4655-bfec-87385fdb02c9 3:38:31 PM: error groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: Unauthorized @ line 77

My key still works with this code. My only guess is that your API key is incorrect or doesn’t work. Try resetting your api key at https://www.pushbullet.com/account and try the new api key to see if it works.

I tried renewing the key then I get the same error as @veni. I have snippets of the log if you’d like to see it. I can PM. Thanks!

I worked with @eibyer and we figured out the problem. It had to do with devices that didn’t show up with a nickname from PB. I suspect they were previously deleted devices. I have updated the code in github to squash that bug.

On another note, I plan to make it so you can select as many devices as you want in one SmartApp instance as soon as I have some free time (which may be a few weeks still). I have an idea on how to make it work and be able to manage the devices well, but I need some time to write and test.

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Just for clarification this will send webcore/SmartThings notifications to Pushbullet devices, correct?

Hi, I came across this today and I thought it might answer the age odl problem of push notifications going to all devices. So I installed the notifier first of all. Think I get this but I didnt like the need to have a secondary app installed on the phone as well as the smart app in ST. Then I tried to installed PB connect and this failed and errored at every attempt to get it installed so I gave up and deleted PB totally.

Does anyone knwo of an alternative option, which allows the primary account holder to select who get the notifications from routines or alerts from SHM? Woudl be nice if ST had considered this a ueful feature.

Many thanks