Custom device type with service manager

(Eric R) #1

If I have a custom device type that uses a service manager and I wanted to give it to someone else to install, would they have to install both the device type and service manager in their IDE? Or, could they install just the service manager app and it would use the device type with the namespace associated with it?

(NotoiousBDG) #2

Yes, the user will need to create the device type and service manager SmartApp in the IDE first, then create an instance of the service manager from the mobile app. The service manager is responsible for creating the child devices based on the device type.

(Todd Wackford) #3

What is it?

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(Eric R) #4

I made a pushbullet device service manager so adding pushbullet devices is quick. There will be more information coming soon…

(Todd Wackford) #5

Looking forward to it.

(Eric R) #6

Look no longer! I’ve just posted it: Pushbullet device with service manager