Provisioning State Provisioned VS Nonfunctional

In the API I have several devices that show nonfunctional in the provisioned box as show below, does anyone know what this means? It seems like they are devices that I have changed the driver. But I have the same device’s using the same driver and some show Provisioned and some show Nonfunctional.

@nayelyz Can you ask the develpoment team?

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If the custom driver has it’s own driverChanged logic, and doesn’t call the default handlers, the provisioning state will be left as NON FUNCTIONAL after a driver change.

It’s not really documented that you need to do this, I figured it out via trial and error.

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JD, I thought about that but some show provisoned and some show Nonfunctional like below. These are both the same sensor with the same firmware using the official driver from Aeotec and both show non-secure.


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Corey, is this something I can ignore or?

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I think so, I don’t think the field is used for anything other than user notification. It’s supposed to say the device driver is or isn’t capable of handling the device correctly, whatever correctly might mean. But I don’t see any difference in actual behaviour.

It doesn’t have anything to do with security level or anything.

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I know the Aeotec drivers I didnt change after I paired them, so they all should show Provisioned. I migrated all these at the same time.

Hi, @mlchelp

Someone asked about this in the past, not sure where or who. The device works correctly even if it has NONFUNCTIONAL. From the team:

About the non-secure, when you added the device, did you enter a pin code or scanned a QR code?
After that, did you change the driver controlled by device at some point?

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@nayelyz Thank you for the explanation and the link to device drivers docs, I understand it a little more now.

I never really never use the pin or QR code to pair devices because the security doesn’t concern me.

I have 4 Aeotec 6 multisensor’s using the official Aeotec driver, they were all manually migrated within an hour of each other and the drivers were not changed at all. 2 of them show PROVISIONED and 2 show NONFUNCTIONAL. As long as they function properly I will just ignore it.

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