Is it possible to move a second hub from one Samsung acct to another without resetting everything?

I have a second hub v.3 and the original hub (not sure if v.1 or v.2, it has battery backup). I would like to separate one from my Samsung account and put it in a new account. Is this possible without resetting everything? They are currently in two different houses and one will eventually be sold. Before I keep adding to my v.3 hub, I need to separate them.

Technically possible … probably.

Possible for a Customer to get it done (even with the assistance of SmartThings Support): Absolutely not (OK… I’ll give it a 1% chance).

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Well before digging into my Konnected project I guess I should bite the bullet. Disconnecting the ZWave devices is always wonky and they don’t take half the time. Any suggestions on which app to use to release the devices on both Zwave and Zigbee?

I do intend on installing ActionTiles as well so you’ll probably hear from me again. Thx.

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