Program Leviton DZPD3 Dimmer Plug Advanced Configuration?

Here are the parameters that will be needed:

Using the control button on the device

It looks like the only parameter which can be changed just by pressing the control button is when the indicator light turns on. That’s parameter seven and you have a choice of having it turn on when the switch is on, turn on when the switch is off, or always off.

Using The smartthings mobile app to get the smartthings hub to tell the device to change its stored parameters (configuration)

Otherwise, you need to have the hub send an instruction to the pocket socket to tell it to configure the parameters. The new configuration is then stored in the pocket socket itself.

There are two possible ways to do this with SmartThings.

First, it’s possible that the DTH (device type handler) for this device already exposes the parameters so they can be changed. Someone else will have to walk you through that since I can no longer use the app because it does not have voice navigation.

Second, if the standard DTH does not expose the parameters, because this is a plug-in Z wave device you can use the “Z wave tweaker” to configure the device. For that, you have to be using the classic app. Then you temporarily change the device’s DTH to the tweaker, set the parameters the way you want, then change back to your regular DTH. Because the configuration is stored in the device itself, your changes will still work. Again, someone else will need to walk you through that process.

The first thing people need to know in order to help you is which version of the SmartThings mobile app you are using: classic or “smart things (Samsung connect)”.