Problems With SHM/Routines

Yea I get the routine running and says it completes but no actions happen.

it worked for me this morning. when click on Routine it Disarmed and turned of cameras inside the house… hope it works and nothing will be broken agian while fixing this issue.

What kind of cameras


Translation: System is suffering a complete meltdown. Save yourself while you still can!


lol… just lol… made my morning!

We’re on it guys.


i have blink cameras. Rboy create smartapp for them. i am turning on at night and turning off at morning.

I would recommend that you don’t control Blink cameras via the HH actions. I use the Smart Lighting to turn them On/Off for Sunrise/Sundown.

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This must mean they are close to having it fixed! They only open a status ticket if they can quickly close it later that day so it “appears” they are diligently working the issue.

Either way glad it’s finally getting attention.


I am getting a ton of these messages in Logging…for the last couple of days…anyone else seeing these: (Hello Home)

Suffering from the same issue as @tobycth3 , uninstall and reinstall of SHM usually lets me use it for a day and then its back doing its thing…

Tim, I have to ask. When issues like this happen, why don’t you guys simply roll-back to the last know working code? It feels like Devs just randomly push code in production and try to live troubleshoot it. Rather then keeping the system in a degraded state you should collect logs, rollback code and debug it offline. At least this way the system would be back operational.

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When that’s an option, that’s what we do. That is not always an option, such is the case today.

I keep hearing the empirial march… My lights are being turned to the dark side!

Sorry for the Live Video!


Maybe not the case today, but my ticket for this issue was entered on 3/3/2016…


I see those messages too

It’s a hot mess with my office hub notifications showing in my home hub notifications stream too. Not a lot of sand boxing apparently. Maybe these mystery events people report with ghost actions unexplained are just someone else’s events ending up on your system. If my one hub can place data into my other hub something is screwy.

Yes SHM and Routines are not working for me since morning. And I agree, unreliability of SmartThings is making me rethink my home automation story. I’d rather prefer a dumb (reliable) home than a smart (unreliable) home. And it appalling to see the support take such a long time to fix this critical (relating to security and automation) issue. Sigh.

Well it is nice to see I am not the only one with problems with routines. However I feel it is more of an hiccup than a failure of device. If everyone got it right the first time and on every update I think we should be “gods”. I am more happy we have a develop team that is willing to work on it and not just blow us off. I have been in many new emerging devices that the worst part was the tech support. I don’t feel like that here and good luck finding the errant code or issue you have.

Your story is interesting and your experience is shared by many Community folks who are empathetic and could offer suggestions and other assistance to help you continue the smart home adventure… even with competitors’ products.

You don’t critize individuals and you describe the “family” element that is critical to success of this technology in our households. As co-developer of SmartTiles, I appreciate hearing these stories, even as I flinch in sympathy.

I also totally share your feelings that SmartThings really presents a lot of evidence that they lack QA and even the leadership that should have invested in scaling long ago. They seem to have a myopic perspective… Or maybe it is a very long range perspective that doesn’t truly take into account the trouble this is causing to current customers who are only a fraction of their goal of millions.

If you want your story to be heard and not censored, just do a quick edit :pen_ballpoint: and remove the specific offensive words? Just a suggestion. (BTW: Your post got 10 “Likes” prior to being censored for language… that’s pretty darn popular. You’ve expressed something that people agree with.).

The “Community” is a uniquely praised feature of SmartThings. Take advantage of this feature.


I hear you, and I appreciate the response. If they’re interested in censoring their customers then they have more issues than I suspected after reading this entire thread. I honestly don’t care what they do with it. It needed to be said. It is that frustrating. The product is great when it works but it is an absolute deal breaker if it is not reliable. I can understand bugs and unforeseen problems, those happen. They just absolutely cannot linger for multiple days at a time when we have sandboxed ourselves into controlling the thing we use the most as humans - our homes - to their shitty foresight. It also does not take a lot of foresight to test such things as, you know, daylight savings time. Do we need to alert the ST team that Easter is coming too? Cinco de Mayo? Do they own calendars? I wish I was joking.

The fact that they’ve had to send this problem up the chain to “engineers”, and they then carefully go through the problem solving process for days, is a joke. Perhaps if they sent code changes to “the engineers” instead of launching the god damn code onto production boxes first, we wouldn’t be here.