Problems with Associations

Hi all,

I’m having some issues trying to create associations between newly purchased Cooper Aspire RF9601 switches and various devices. Previously, I had a Aeon Labs Micro Switch G2 installed in the switch box and it seemed to create an association without much of a problem. I have also been able to do it with standard Z-Wave Cooper Aspire Switches in the past. However, when I created those previous associations, I used an Aeon minimote. Now, I’m trying to use the Tweaker DH and Z-Wave Plus switches to no avail.

The first association I’m trying to create is between the RF9601 switch and a GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Outlet. I’m using the Tweaker DH and changing the switch so that it is in Association Group 2 and inputting the node IDs of the switch and the outlet (35 and 06 in this example). Then, I make sure Tweaker syncs the changes, reload the Zwave Switch DH, and… it doesn’t work. I did the same for the outlet (didn’t think I needed two way association, but figured I would try anyway) with no change.
My understanding is that Z-wave plus uses group 1 for lifeline and group 2 for on/off, so I hope I’m doing this correctly.

The other association I’m trying to create is between an older Cooper Aspire Switch RF9501 and an Aeotec Zwave Metering Switch (this is an external plug-in switch). Again, I’m using Tweaker, but am trying to use Group 1 as I believe this is the proper group for communicating On/Off with the older Z-wave switch. I’m still not having any luck though.

Right now, I have lighting the Smart Lighting App controlling the outlets from the switches, but as soon as I unplug the hub, they are no longer controlling each other. In order to gain a higher WAF (by reducing lag between command and action) and so that these devices will still work with a network outage, I’d really like to get the associations working. If anybody has some advice or guidance, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if I should be posting in the custom DH forum, I can do that as well, but wanted to verify my group numbers were correct before delving too far into what I might be doing wrong in Tweaker. Thanks!

You should ask your question in the Tweaker thread, and someone there should be able to help you.

First, though, remember that sometimes the device IDs are in Hex and sometimes they are in decimal. Read the instructions for the tweaker to make sure that you are entering the correct format for each field. Again, people in the tweaker thread can help you if you get stuck:

Thank you for the response. I think (hope) that I’m entering the Device IDs as hex as I’m just copying them from the Smartthings Groovy IDE page and hex seems to be what Tweaker is asking for. I will pose the question in the Tweaker thread though and see if I can get some guidance there.

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Not all Older zwave classic devices can control other devices.

Are you trying to control things from a non plus device?

I have used tweaker in the past successfully to setup associations.

I’m trying to associate a Z-Wave Plus switch to a Z-Wave Plus In wall outlet and a Z-Wave (not Plus) switch to a Z-Wave (not Plus) plug in outlet.