Problems with all things lock related in AskAlexa

I have the AskAlexa integration complete on my hub! Everything works perfectly (dimmers, switches, sensors etc.) except for the locks. They are schlage centry and the lock app works ok with hitting the button to lock/unlock and setting codes.

Whenever I tell smart things from alexa to do something (lock, unlock, status) for a lock I get the following in response:

The available locks include the following:
XXX XXX XXX (real lock names).

I have tried to change the device name and it picks up the new name fine, just repeats the same info though. Everything else is working fine except for these devices… does anyone have any ideas on what could be going on???


AskAlexa is a community – created project, not an official feature. So you need to ask in the author’s thread for that code. Someone there should be able to help you. :sunglasses: ( this is a clickable link)

It almost sounds like the developer site hasn’t been updated with the commands or names properly…if you want you can PM me and we can work through this as I have a similar lock .

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Hey Michael that would be awesome! I am a tech savvy user of SmartThings so more than willing to try any suggestions.

Also thanks for confirming I am not crazy :wink: