Problem with Fibaro shutter 3 working with Google Assistant

Hi all,

I have been using the Fibaro shutter 3 and device handler ( with no issue, works great.

With that I was able to open the shutter as a blind in Google Assistant with the smartthings -> google assistant driver with “turn on name shutter” or turn off…

With the upgrade in december I am now getting that the device is not setup as a response instead of actioning the command as expected.

I was hopeful that the integration was upgraded to allow for open or close instead of turn on or turn off commands. Both do not work.

I can check with google is the shutter open or closed and it works (fairly useless) but can’t instruct it to open close.

I am interested if this has happened to anyone else or if there is a fix.



Just in case anyone else has a problem with this driver and Google Home I have been able to solve the problem myself.

I think this problem is caused by a confusing list of capabilities which allot of drivers do, throw in everything that looks like it similar to the main capability.

My solution on this one was to comment out all the capabilities except for:

    capability "Switch"
    capability "Switch Level"
    capability "Window Shade"

Happy to be corrected on the value of other capabilities but all seems to work once this happened as google assistant knows it is now a true Window Shade (Not a contactor, sensor etc etc).