Bulb Keeps Falling Off

Last night I found one of my bulbs could not be controlled by SmartThings anymore.

It’s located in a ceiling set of 3 lights, had been working fine for the few months I’ve had it, and the other 2 bulbs still work fine.

I ended up having to reset all 3 bulbs last night (as they sre tied to the same switch and the reset involves switching them off and on multiple times).

The real pain was in removing the existing bulbs from all the smart apps they’re included in…

When I was done all worked fine…

24 hours later and the exact same bulb is once again not seen by SmartThings.

I’m not looking forward to another reset, and am REALLY not looking forward to doing it on a daily basis…

Anyone have any idea why this is happening, and maybe a simpler way to fix it?

Specific brand and model of the bulb?

Also, there were weird platform issues yesterday and today, it might just have been that. So it may be fine tomorrow.

See the status page for details on the outages.

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If they are GE Links, I’ve just resorted to turning them off at the switch for 15+ minutes, once I switch them back on they have worked fine again every time.

Instead of removing the bulbs from all SmartApps and deleting from ST, try doing the bulb reset via the switch and then in the ST app do the “Connect New Device” search. Often the bulbs will re-join the network and assume their old identity, so no need to worry about SmartApps. Note the new device search may not stop itself saying it found anything, just give it a few minutes and the bulbs should reconnect.

I’ expectations done this as recently as last week for a GE link that is problematic. Some users have said that the bulbs show up as new for them.

Smart bulbs are meant to have power to them 100% of the time. Sounds like you have them setup in a socket that is controlled by a manual switch as well?

I had Cree Connected bulbs in sockets that could also be controlled by manual switches. With the kids switching them on and off I had issues. I locked out the switches with switch locks and have been running for months with no trouble.

Just speaking specifically to this line: Use the “replace” feature in the mobile app. Saves a LOT of work!

First go into the mobile app, find the item in your room or in the things view and open it up. Go to Settings or Edit Device, then tap the ‘replace’ button. The first thing ST will do is check the health of the device. I have sometimes had ST re-find a device just doing this step alone. However, if it doesn’t find it then you can proceed with replacing.

Next step is to ensure that the device is definitely excluded from the z-wave or zigbee network following whatever instructions there are for the individual device (sound like you already know how to do this given you set last night).

Then, back in the mobile app go back to the ‘replace’ function if you’re not still in it. SmartThings should now be looking for device. If it finds one that matches the type of what you are trying to replace it should automatically add it in.

Finally, and here’s the good part: It will replace your old device with this new one. It will automatically put it in all the smartapps, routines, rooms, etc. that the previous device was in. Saves a LOT of time and effort.

Replace is a zwave utility, unless something changed in the last update.

Most smartbulbs are Zigbee. Replace won’t do anything for them. (There are a few zwave smartbulbs, though, so if that’s what you have, it might help.)

As @sticks18 said, if the problem is a zigbee bulb it’s quite likely you can reconnect it without touching any of the smart apps.

If by chance it’s a GE link bulb, they have a known problem. (That’s why they are not on the SmartThings official compatibility list.) When they lose power, sometimes they wake up and don’t know who the coordinator is. That’s not supposed to happen, but it does.

The following FAQ can be used with any Zigbee bulb that can be reset with a blink method, which is why I asked the brand. (It won’t work with a Hue, for example.)

[quote=“JDRoberts, post:7, topic:30050, full:true”]
Replace is a zwave utility, unless something changed in the last update.[/quote]

Sure enough… you’re right! (Ya know… just once… JUST ONCE! I’d like to prove you wrong JD! :slight_smile: )

As someone with mostly z-wave devices and only had connection problems with z-wave devices I just assumed it was something available for all locally connected devices.

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It’s a WeMo bulb which makes it the same as a Cree bulb (which I believe makes it Zigbee)…

The bulb is in a socket with a switch, but (as mentioned) until the day before yesterday this never caused a problem before. For > 6 months I’ve always used SmartThings to turn it off while my wife always uses the switch…

I also have another bulb in a separate switched socket that has also never given me problems.

The reset a couple days ago was the first time I’ve ever had to do anything like that, which is why I was even more surprised when the exact same issue occurred again last night…

Yes, the WeMo bulbs are Zigbee.

They don’t have the same general problem as the GE link, but it is possible for an individual bulb to go bad. Or for an individual socket connector to go bad.

The first thing I would do a swap the position of that bulb with a different Bulb and see if either of them go off-line. If the same Bulb goes off-line in a different socket, it may just be a bad bulb. It happens.

If the new bulb goes bad in the same socket, something may be loose in the socket. (Obvious, but must be said – – turn off the power at the breaker box before examining the socket.)

Or it could’ve just been due to the platform craziness over the last few days. A lot of people reporting some lights coming on while others didn’t. Apparently some command messages were timing out randomly.

I don’t remember, are the WeMos individually reset with the blink method? If so, follow the GE dropoff FAQ I link to above if it happens again, you shouldn’t have to change your smart apps. Although if it’s the bulb or the socket going bad it may not fix the problem either.

When this happens so I don’t’ need to delete all the apps, what I do is go into IDE copy the Zigbee Id and
Device Network Id(this is the important part it changes each pairing) from the lost bulbs down for easy ID, Then replace that info with random info. Reset the bulbs, pair them to hub and then copy the same info from the newly paired bulb, delete bulb and then paste this into the lost bulb and bam no everything works.

Sounds like a lot but takes no time at all with multiple IDE windows open and everything works just like before the bulb got lost.