Present Phone Battery Charge % To Be Used as Trigger

It would be great if the ST mobile app could show the phone’s battery level on the presence object that way it could be used to trigger actions.

My thought is to have a smart outlet for charging my device that cuts on/off the outlet based on phone percentage. That way it stops charging when the phone gets to 100% to reduce battery fatigue or to be able to trigger action to remind you to charge your phone when the level gets below a certain percentage.

I do exactly that now, by looking at power usage when charging. 100% reliable with one device or 10…

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Do you mean something along these lines?

Using IFTTT - when my android battery drops below 15% it turns on a switch in ST.

The switch in ST is a trigger for a CoRE piston.

The CoRE piston sends a SMS message to me telling me to charge my battery because it is extremely low.

I can also have it turn off my Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to save power.

I can also have the piston sends a message to my Alexa to let me know.

edit: Using a power sensing switch, once the phone starts charging it resets the switch.

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Side note, any phone, tablet, laptop etc with a Lithium Ion battery, it won’t cause fatigue by leaving it constantly on a charger since once it has finished charging it won’t actually keep charging, in fact, in some ways, it’s better to keep it on the charger.

It will actually keep charging to maintain the 100% chraged level, you mean it won’t overcharge…

[quote=“SBDOBRESCU, post:5, topic:57235, full:true”]It will actually keep charging to maintain the 100% chraged level, you mean it won’t overcharge…

But is it still a security system? :wink:

It’s not charging at the same rate before the battery was 100% but yes, it’s still charging. We’re arguing semantics. The point is, you won’t ‘fatigue’ the battery by leaving on the charger .

You could just buy a Samsung Note 7, I hear they tell you they are overcharged with an amazing light display and fireworks without any setup…

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is there a DTH for android battery stat ?