Incoming call from family flash edge driver lights

Can someone help me with this following setup? I currently have a Tasker profile set up when I’m home and an incoming call comes from a family member my SmartThings lights (bar or lamp) will flash for x amount of minutes. I currently have Zooz edge drivers for the bar light and and ZigBee edge drivers for the lamps installed on SmartThings hub.
How do we flash the SmartThings Edge driver lights or lamps and be able to receive an HTTP request from Tasker to start the routine or scene?

I’m not sure I completely understand what you’re asking, but I’ll try to help. What does your “Flash lights” task look like? Are you currently using the SharpTools plugin to control your lights? WebCore?

If you’re just looking to use the API via HTTP, you should be able to copy from below. Just have tasker send the “on” command, wait 1 second, send the “off” command, wait 1 second, rinse, repeat.

This post from @orangebucket was how I got onto using the API in Tasker. It was a huge help in learning how it worked and it has helped numb the pain of SharpTools not working once groovy dies.


Thanks, your example helped me get http commands working in Tasker.

This eliminates the need for the SharpTools plug-in that is going away. And eliminates the need for the AutoVoice and Alexa workaround that was my 1st replacement for SharpTools plug-in.

Thanks again.

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This sorta eliminates the need for SharpTools. I haven’t figured out (if it’s even possible) how to subscribe to a device status without SharpTools. The closest I’ve come is using notifications from the SmartThings app and AutoNotification acting on them, which isn’t great. I relied pretty heavily on those subscriptions, so I’m a little salty about losing them.

It doesn’t eliminate the need for SharpTools. It only eliminates the need for the SharpTools Tasker plugins.

Check out the ‘Push Events to Phone’ example here for one approach:

Sorry, when I say SharpTools, I mean OG SharpTools. I don’t mean the SharpTools Dashboards or SharpTools Rule Engine. I see in Google Play that’s it’s been renamed but if you go back a couple of years on this forum, SharpTools used to mean the Tasker plugin, not all this newfangled stuff.