Presense sensor 'app' that uses MAC address

Hi All,
I got my noggin thinking last night and the Mrs bought up the question “what happens when the baby sitter (aka mother in law!!) comes over”. I tried to explain that we could set a mode which can prevents actions being taken.

Anyway, I thought about buying a presence sensor for her, but it got me thinking… she carries a mobile around with her and that has a unique identifier when it connects to our wifi (static IP from DHCP and MAC address). I don’t want to install ST on her phone and give her access to our hub, so detection of IP and/or MAC would be the next best thing.

I have a server that runs 24/7 so I could easily write a simple app/script on my server which looks for her phone on the network, my only question is, how can I feed that information to the ST hub? Given some of the other posts I have seen, I don’t think there is an interface that will let me do this?

Alternatively, is there a way that the SmartApp could look for a device based on IP address or MAC address on the LAN and have it run every 5mins, or triggered by the front door being opened (multi sensor)?


Trouble is, many smartphones are frugal with their WiFi connections these days, dropping off the network when not in active use.

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Depending on your router, these threads may be useful:

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Thanks for the pointers…

I am actually happy (so far, but its only been a week!) with the ST presence in the app, however I don’t want to install and invite others into my account. Not secure for me (who knows what the MIL could get up to!), and don’t want to add battery drain.

I don’t have a router that will support running scripts, but the router side look like Linux shell scripts which I could re-write into maybe a VBS script using a 3rd party app to sniff out the MAC addresses.