Can hub scan wifi network

This may be a very naive thought but would it be possible to create a Smart app that scanned the local wifi network in order to get the connected devices?

I don’t want to install the Smartthings app on everyone’s phone in our family just for presence detection. My thought be to have the hub scan for devices on the local network and identify them based on MAC address. If a known device is found, then they are home.

Crazy idea or would this be possible?

It’s been done … darned if I know the best search terms. Perhaps I’ll find a link…

If you have a DD-WRT (i.e., Linux Shell Router) or a spare little machine (Beagle Bone, RPi) that can query the connected MAC list of your router, you can have that send a message to a web services SmartApp in the SmartThings Cloud that updates the state of any number of Virtual Presence Devices.

Here you go (I just searched forum for DD-WRT). I don’t know if the code in the Topic is still working or most efficient, but you’ll get the idea…

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Wow. I thought the idea was a long shot, but it looks like it may be possible. My big issue now is DD-WRT. I’m not sure if my router is compatible. I just bought a new TP-LINK router, but I’m not sure of the model. Will need to investigate when I’m back at home.

At least I have a place to start. Thanks

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