Allow dd-wrt to send MAC address updates to smartthings to greatly enhance presence

(Joseph Garcia) #1

So I am having all kinds of issues with the current implementation of presence using 3 Samsung Galaxy S5 phones. I have run through all the exercises to improve this, but it is still constantly flaky.

What I would like to do is have my router, which is DD-WRT, tell ST when a particular MAC has joined the network and use this for presence. I do server automation/dev-ops at work and I can get DD-WRT to send out the alert however is needed, but a RESTful call and JSON is how I would prefer to send it out. On the other end, becoming proficient enough to develop for ST on something this complex is a bit daunting to say the least. I am hoping someone here can pair up with me so that we can develop a standard restful interface to the presence part of ST.


(Brian) #2

SmartThings does support rest http calls, check out


(Joseph Garcia) #3

Yeah I saw that about the RESTful stuff… I just don’t have the time or the coding skills in Groovy/ST to implement what I want. I got ST about a week ago. This is why I am asking for help, especially in the presence department.

(Brian) #4

It might be tough for the DD-WRT to control the actual presence of your phone in ST. Presence devices are directly attached to ST and they can report their value to other apps, but I dont think an app can say “this presence device just arrived”, I think only ST can do that.
You could maybe create a virtual presence device and remove your phone as a presence device from ST so you dont have dupes

(Joseph Garcia) #5

Yeah it is creating the virtual presence device that can be updated via a RESTful interface, that I think is going to take more skill than what I currently have.

I should have been more clear. I am not asking DD-WRT to control the presence of the device I want to create a virtual presence device in ST that gets updated via a RESTful call. I would then stop using the built in phone presence devices.
Getting the DD-WRT to know when it has a particular MAC in it’s table and acting upon is not going to be an issue for me.

(Brian) #6

Have you perused this thread yet?