Presence - ST App vs IFTTT vs?

I’d like to be able to control some of my lighting scenarios based on the presence of a few people in the house (we all have Android phones) but I’m not too impressed with the results of the built-in ST Android app presence indicators. Sometimes it says I’ve left and returned when I haven’t left at all.

As a test, I’ve set up IFTTT to send me a text when I disconnect or reconnect to my home wifi and that seems to be working pretty well. Though on occasion, it’s been delayed by a few minutes which would make it virtually unusable for automatically turning on lights upon arrival. But maybe the connection between IFTTT would have less latency than sending a text message… haven’t tried that yet.

I’d appreciate any input or recommendations from the community on the best way to detect presence, short of purchasing actual presence sensors from ST.

This should help. :sunglasses:


Thanks for pointing me to your FAQ @JDRoberts - Sorry for not checking there in the first place.

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No problem, there’s a lot of information in the forums, but it’s not always easy to find. :sunglasses:

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