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Presence sensor status not event based (on arrival)?

(Sergio Ferreira) #1

What I have seen so far are event basis (e.g user arrived or left).
End of the line I want to modify a smart routine to only trigger if the presence sensor is active.

Can I query the current status on the fly?


I believe Core can do this, ask in their peer assistance thread and the experts there will know for sure.

(Robin) #3

You can’t tell a routine to only run if someone is present but there is a workaround using CoRE as noted by @JDRoberts.

Install CoRE via IDE and play around with it… You’ll find it fairly intuitive for the basic stuff.

Setup a CoRE piston that looks like this:

IF Presence Sensor ‘X’ is present AND Routine ‘X’ runs
Do something

(Robin) #4

To install CoRE follow the guidance in post 1 of the following thread: