Presence fails all the time--is there a CoRE solution?

Tried a few different ways of making my presence work reliably (android phone) all fail eventually.
Anyone done a CoRE piston that can tell smartthings that I’m present when connected to home wifi and away when not
Currently sat in front room connected to wifi near ST hub and ST app and sharp tools say I’m not here

Getting presence to be detected accurately can definitely be frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: I spent a couple of months trying different things before I got a set up that worked at our house.

There are a couple of Wi-Fi options listed in the presence FAQ ( this is a clickable link):

To see what can be done with core, I would ask in the core peer Assistance thread:

Which method are you using with SharpTools?
Are you using the Tasker and AutoLocation one?

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Yeh tried the tasker , autolocation , sharp tools method
Didn’t work for me

Are you using the method by @destructure00? What I’m seeing is that most people find that method to be highly reliable and much better than the alternatives.

[HOW TO] SmartThings Presence reporting using Tasker/SharpTools/AutoLocation

It looks like @NoWon provided some helpful comments in post #89 showing how to change the AutoLocation geofences to properly trigger in Tasker by changing them to manual names.

Note that neither CoRE nor SharpTools can determine your location alone. You’ll still need something that understands your location, like Tasker and the Wifi Near profile or AutoLocation and geofences. From there, SharpTools makes the integration between Tasker/AutoLocation and your Virtual Presence device on SmartThings easy. And once your Virtual Presence is updated, you can react to it however you want in CoRE.


If you happen to have Google wifi it’s rock solid with iftt to flip a virtual device when you connect or disconnect from your home wifi. (Although looking at logs when several of my family arrive at same time there can be 2-3 minutes of spread between them connecting to wifi…)

I think maybe I’ve read there’s other brand routers that do it too?

There’s also an ifttt app that would notice locally on your Android device when it connects to a particular network. No idea how well that works.

There are presence options for routers running ASUSWRT and DD-WRT. Probably others, but I know I’ve seen those working.

You can use Tasker and sharptools to set your presence when you connect to your wifi. It will lag due to time for connection and cloud.

I also combine presence inputs using this smart app. Currently I’m using a smartthings FOB, phone presence, and connection to WiFi (via tasker)

Earlier today I started a core piston as a test to try and detect presence. Like a 2 or 3 scenario.
It counted up when I arrived like I had hoped.

I have not figured out the part to set a virtual presence based on the numeric value of 2 of 3. I’m thinking that may not be possible. Still working and pondering on it.

It should be possible. Make sure your variable is Global and not local so it can be seen by other pistons.
Then you should be able to set it it to turn on based on that variable reaching a number.

Otherwise… you could always just set it for a big set of groups.

[(Don Arrival Sensor presence is present AND Don's Phone presence is present) OR (Don Arrival Sensor presence is present AND Don's Phone on WiFi presence is present) OR (Don's Prone presence is present AND Don's Phone on WiFi presence is present)]

Yeah the second option would get cumbersome to set up.

Numbers get tricky cause you pass through them as the variable is incremented and decremented as things connect.

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Life 360 has been rock solid for us for a very long time, though I have few issues with Smartthings either.