Presence Sensor Problems Feb 2018

Hi all,

I have been having trouble with a presence sensor reliably working, often it shows as away when it is in fact present. I have read that presence sensor can be tricky if the devise is on the edge of the zigbee mesh. Is it correct that a ST plug/outlet can expand the mesh? If so, where can I buy one? Amazon don’t stock them! Thanks :slight_smile:

You are correct that an outlet will act as a repeater.
I use a couple of the samsung/smartthings ones for exactly that.

Availability of devices depends on where you are

Living in Brighton UK, working in London. I can’t find them anywhere :frowning:

There were lots of problems with them not being safe… I think they have been withdrawn from sale until they can be fixed.
I don’t use any to switch anything… just use them as expensive repeaters.

Have a look here:

I wouldn’t waste your time and money on an ST Outlet (UK version), I’ve found they blatantly refuse to repeat zigbee signals from battery powered devices, what you need is an Xbee, which is what it’s actually designed for, routing Zigbee packets, there are a few very helpful threads on here that will explain everything about them.

Every time I’ve plugged on in I’ve got a good result :slight_smile:
They repeat fine for me

If only I could buy one :joy: