Presence Sensor battery upgrade

Where did you get the battery holder?

Probably China :slight_smile:
Mine were bought on ebay in the UK for a stupidly small price:

But I’m sure you can find them elsewhere
I discarded the switch but in hindsight it might have been useful to be able to switch if off

BTW. @lmosenko I didn’t need a Dremel to remove the divider… Just cut the sides and snapped it off.
(And they have a screw to stop Kiddies opening it)


If you’re in the US & have a Radio Shack nearby, they’re on sale for $1.56 right now.

Yeh. RadioShack close all the store in NYC.

I just did this same thing, what battery life are you getting?

I just ordered five of the 4-AA battery holders for nine bucks.

I was messing with using the batteries from the Iris contact sensors, but Cobra’s implementation is exactly what I’ve been seeking.

I haven’t touched the batteries since I did this mod.
All three cars are showing 87% battery :slight_smile:


The other benefit of course is the AA cells are far cheaper per unit of output than the flat disc batteries,
Which is great, as long as you don’t absolutely need the fob on your key ring.

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My first modded one is at 75% after 10 months.

Thanks for the ideas guys.

I ordered a fob and battery case today. I like the version that puts it all in a 4-battery case.

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That’s the way to go. had them on sale at one point for a dollar each and I got 10 to have around for future projects. Got 1 in each vehicle.


There is a further benefit…
They do not seem to be affected by lower temperature so much as the coil cells.
My originals with the coin cell would frequently drop off when the temp dropped.
This has not happened to me since the mod.

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Built, works. First time I’ve ever seen 100% battery on the presence sensor :nerd_face:

Looking forward to months of flawless operations. LOL

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This evening the outside temp is -2 degrees centigrade

All three cars still showing 75%

I continue to be really happy with this mod.
I have to thank @ethayer for the original idea!



Mine looks just like this!

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I finally did one of these mods today. I waited for the supplied coin battery to get low first. One was reporting 15% so I upgraded per this thread. Will make the change on my other sensor when it gets low (currently at 30%).

I did the version using a 4 battery holder just like @Cobra. I actually left the sensor casing intact though with a slight mod to allow the wiring to fit. It fits great.

Back at 100% and hoping for some longevity.

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You’ll see it. I did this mod & have been very happy with the results

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Second one done …


The first one I made is at 75% battery, and it’s been 13 months.

If the trend is constant [probably wont be] that will be 4 years! I’m thinking there will be a trail off, but even at 2 years, this is a worth while mod.


Mine are at 87% and 100% after a couple months. Already better lifespan, and the batteries are far less expensive… and the range is better too.