Presence sensor: battery life

I got my starter kit on the weekend and have done a small amount of playing about with it (nothing extensive though). When I look at both of my presence sensors now, they are both showing 88% battery. Thats 12% battery drain in around 48 hours! The way its going im going to need to replace batteries in them every couple of weeks!

I’m guessing this isn’t normal - has anyone else experienced this? Are they faulty units perhaps?


Mine was 88% out of the box, and hasn’t budged since. Others report the same (or less) so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Ah, OK then. I thought it was at 100% when I looked, but that could have been one of the other sensors in my starter kit TBH.

Thanks - I’ll keep an eye on them


I was reading somewhere in the forum that SmartThings report battery life only at certain levels. 88% is the maximum. That doesn’t mean its at 88%. It could be more than 95% as well. Don’t know why it is that way. I am sorry if I am wrong. I will try to link to where I read it if I can find it.

Found one of them: SmartSense Motion Sensor Battery Life

That must vary by type of sensor if true then, as looking at my Motion Sensor that is currently showing 100%.

Would explain something though if correct

For anyone else that might stumble on this post, this is false. I’ve replaced the batteries in several of these sensors both Gen1 and Gen2 and they always read at 100%.

Battery reporting does vary by device, but the presence sensor is definitely supposed to report battery.

Here’s the battery reporting FAQ.

If yours is always reporting 100%, I would open a ticket with support. Something is off.