Presence Arrival Sensor questions and Arlo Q as a possible substitute?

Perhaps someone can assist with three questions for a newbie.

Smartthings Hub 2, Smartthings Classic app on Motorola G6 Plus, Android 8.0 Oreo.

  1. The presence arrival sender/ sensor works just fine, but I notice that presence arrival sender does not change the ‘Smart Home Monitor’ setting. It will report as Disarmed, even when I am away according to the ‘My Home ‘ app page

  2. The presence sender eats batteries fast.!! A brand new Duracell after a few days is shown as 75% on the Notification, Activity Feed page

  3. I have also Arlo Pro and Arlo Q cameras, and the Geofencing arm / disarm used to work with an older phone running Android 6 Marshmallow perfectly.
    A phone with Android 8 Oreo has erratic Geofencing due I understand to the battery saver changes in Android 8 Oreo. The Arlo app was running in the back ground.?
    Does the Smartthings Geofencing app work reliably with Android 8 Oreo.??
    If it does, I can save some battery costs instead of using the presence arrival sensor.

Thanks for any assistance

Two different variables with similar names are what’s causing your question one. See the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)

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For your second question, there a couple of different things that might be going on. The first is to check whether in fact there’s a problem at all. See the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)


Hi @Kwenda,

Welcome to SmartThings community.
If you are using a ST Presence sensor for your car or back pack and are a tinkerer or even a wonnabe tinkerer. Than you may want to investigate this option for your keyfob presence sensor battery issue.
Check out this thread:

For cellphone based presence detection, you may want to integrate with Life360 for Arming/Disarming your SmartThings Home and you Arlo cameras.

And as for Arming/Disarming your home, you should do this in the ST Classic ap routine settings.

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