[PRE-RELEASE] EchoSistant V5 - Evolution

Coming soon, everything you’ve ever wanted your Alexa to do!

It’s almost here!



Reserving this post for videos

In this video, you here me saying “in here”. That echo show is actually setup up to recognize that it is in an individual room. I walk in the room and say, Alexa, turn on the lights in here. And it turns on only that room.

I have an Alexa device in every room of the house, each device is assigned to its room. I can say in here to all of them and they only control the assigned rooms.

A quick video showing how simple it is to dedicate an Alexa device to a specific room.

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How is it, you’re doing what Amazon has failed to do so far…

Amazing, great work guys!

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Oh, Amazon hasn’t failed to do it, they’ve just failed to listen to the users.

But, it’s pretty awesome huh!

And it’s all due to the EchoSistant Team!


The room assignment is coming soon as it was part of the Smart Home API update announced with their new products, but compound commands is the future and so intuitive. Amazing work!


We’ve been doing this for about a month.


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Yup, the key word is smart home api. That restrictive, canned voice model that you have to remember the right phrase and hope Alexa won’t shut you down with “I don’t know that one”. lol…Oh and on top of that, they will force you to use the Amazon UI. It will not have a VUI (voice user interface). I am really glad, thogh, that they allow developers to take Alexa to the next level…

It’s nice to see that this product might actually be a future contender with this new functionality. Hoping this room to room recognition isn’t going to be locked down to specific phrasing “in here” and will be flexible in what can be said that still recognizes the current room based on the echo device that is hearing it. Not everyone wants to say “Turn on the lights in here”. How about “Turn on the lights now” or “Alexa, can you turn on the lights for me?”. On top of that, would you guys have the ability to perform something like “Alexa, turn on the lights in 10 minutes” or Alexa, lock the doors at 6pm"?

This will make the competition take notice, not the gimmicky and goofy meds and pet schedule that the spouse loved, lol. Sorry, just my opinion. With this, the entire customer base can take advantage of this gap that exists within the voice recognition portion of things. If you can tie in Reminders and scheduling of things to happen within that room, even more power to you.

Smartest thing you guys have done was to bring Tonesto on board.

Great direction change guys. Looking forward to seeing this released.

If Echos are too close to each other, I can see the room function being an issue…I haven’t had much of an issue, but on occasion, it can be problematic. Also, I am not sure if anyone else has had Alexa randomly speak to you, even without the wake-up word. That’s always a treat, especially if you’re on the phone with someone who has no idea what Alexa is. I also hope this version has some great security features which will allow you to lock out Alexa accessing certain automated device(s), etc.

The closest Echo/Dot should be the one to take the commands.

Mine has done that a few times. When you’re watching TV and all of the sudden Alexa starts telling a story, it’s funny but a bit odd. Even odder is when looking into the history and shows no reason why Alexa started in the 1st place and no command word to wake Alexa.

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This is why the Echo has far-field recognition. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. But it is something that developers can not control. But, there are different wake words.

Again, something not controllable by a developer.

This version, just like the previous ones, has security. If you do not want Alexa controlling a device, do not authorize it in the ST Amazon App.

I keep having Alexa add a thermostat that is already added without me doing a thing. After seeing that, I makes me worry about what else it will add. That’s pretty much why I’ve stayed away from outside locks, garage opener, etc. Nevertheless, I look forward to checkout out your newest version.

Can you please elaborate on this? I am not sure I understand what you are describing.

I have a WiFi thermostat and for some reason, it always adds it as a second thermostat even though there’s only one. It’s not that big of a deal, but my point is that it continues to think there’s a second one and there isn’t. I wouldn’t want it doing something like a lock.

Curious about all of this… will ES support the concept of a zone such as upstairs, downstairs, front yard, backyard.

“Alexa, turn off the lights upstairs”

The short answer, yes.

The long answer, absolutely yes. As a master of fact it already does. Just create a profile and configure it however you want.

Duh! I guess, I gave a poor example.

There has always been an issue with Echosistant (at least v4) where you would say “Alexa, it’s too cold upstairs”.

Apparently the word ‘it’s’ would throw Echosistant for a bit of a loop and I believe you had to, instead, say something slightly different but nonetheless inconvenient.

I should have asked whether v5 will fix that.

yes, v5 will be a lot more accommodating. Much like the infamous “talking like a teenager” video. that @bamarayne did a while ago.

It’s been a productive week. We had another big breakthrough with ESv5.

We’re looking forward to release!