PowerLine network adapter and hub question

Has anyone ever or is currently using a plugin PowerLine network adapter to relocate your smartthings hub away from your router / switch?

I realize there is losses in the connection. Just wondering if it would work? Possibly allow placing the hub more centralized in the house.

In a word, yes.
I had my hub situated behind my TV along with my router. Never had any real issues but it was near an outside wall so not central t my house.
Decided to move it into a spare bedroom which is more central and also it is not ‘sheilded’ by anything.
Have not had any issues with anything dropping off line or excess delay etc.
So, it works for me. :grinning:

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I use one. Powerline to switch, hub connected to switch.

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Thanks, I was pretty sure it would work. I use one to get my digital cat5 TV stream signal to an upstairs bedroom and works good.

Just nice to hear others say yea I’m doing that with no real issues.

I use powerlne adapter without issues also.