Power Outage Sensor

Other option I’ve used is a RIB relay, model RIBU1C, hardwired to incoming 110v and then its output going to a ecollink contact sensor so the hi and low side were isolated but your idea works pretty well too.

To be fair, I just copied what others did. The one I copied might have used a solid state solution but I figured it was easier to use the reed relays I had if they fit.

If anyone’s researching a DIY solution for power outage monitoring and alerts, we put together a kit using the Ecolink door window sensor:

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Very simple, great idea.

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Hiya - Newbie here.
I am no programmer but being quite handy with a soldering iron have made up a power loss monitor (well two actually ) per the instructions above and it seems to work great.

Being a window sensor the status is shown in the Xaiomi app as open or closed. Is there a way to change that to On / Off?

many thanks


Opps - just noticed smartthings does not seem to support Xiaomi

Zooz makes an off the shelf solution now in the form of their ZAC38 Range Extender for $30. It plugs into an AC outlet but contains an internal backup battery as well that stays charged. You can create a routine that sends out a notification whenever it switches to DC (i.e. Power Outage).

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How does the ZAC38 signal that the power has been lost and regained? All that I see are time-stamped log entries. I’d like to use it to turn off the Zigbee lights that come on after power is restored.

Are you using the custom edge driver that Zooz supplies?

[ST EDGE] Zooz Edge Driver Channel

I haven’t seen the exact exact details, but multiple users have reported that As long as they are using that edge driver they are able to create routines in the SmartThings app that trigger when the power switches from mains to battery for the Zac38.

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I have the Edge driver. I just tried a routine. All the battery statuses have to do with charged level. What I need is something like the AC power where you can control devices when AC is on. I think that being on battery power for a time is a precondition and the trigger is the return of AC. Or am I missing something?

To trigger a routine when power fails, use Power source = Battery. To trigger a routine when power returns, use Power source = AC power supply.

My problem is that I can’t get it to automatically update its status to the hub. I must have an incorrect setting of some sort.