Simple way to detect power out


(Ray) #1

This is a quick and easy project to detect when power is out. This is only useful for detecting a single branch circuit unless you have backup power for your internet and ST hub then you could use it for notification on your main power. This project takes around 30 minutes with all the parts ready. You will need a usb adapter, usb cable, 5Vdc relay, a z-wave door/window sensor (GoControl or Monoprice) and some soldering.
This is very similar to the leak detector project except there is a relay in between the 2 wires. I used the Normally closed contacts when power on and opened when no power.
This is a copycat of a similar device on Amazon so you can also buy it there. Not sure what inside that device but I would imagine it’s the same.

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(Michael Stroh) #2

Found this for those that are looking for it on Amazon.

(Rudi Prunzel) #3

Hi @Stroh, I’m using that “Z-Wave Power Outage (Contact) Sensor” for several months now and it works great (as expected).
I’ve tried other options but this was the best so far. Just FYI :slight_smile:

(Michael Stroh) #4

Thanks for the feedback. I’m trying the Aeotec Smart Switch 6 route. We’ll see how it goes.