Hard wired 120V Power Sensor

I am looking for (I think) a hard wired 120V power sensor, or at least a device like a switch that also has power sensor capabilities.

I have an attic ventilator that I want to monitor to insure is running when the temperature rises. So I’m really looking for anything that senses power use so I can set a trigger based on current draw. Since the fans are typically hard wired, a hard wired device would be best. I know that I can convert from romex to a wired plug and then use a plug-in receptacle that has energy sensing, but it seems that a hard wired device added to the box would be easier.


If I understand your description, there are several in wall micro relays that get wired inline and can give you power reporting.

Aeotec has a model that works well with SmartThings and is quite popular


But there are other similar devices as well. Just go to one of the Z wave specialty retailers and search for energy monitoring. :sunglasses:

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