Power Allowance App

Does the power allowance app work very well? I have it set up on 2 of my light switches, and it does turn them off after the fixed period, but I was looking at the log and the activity and it appears to be firing off the “Off” command even after the switch has turned back off.

This is the scenario, I have the switch set to turn off after 30 minutes so no matter what if the switch has been on for 30 minutes it goes off. The issue is… one person turns the switch on, and it is on for 15 minutes, they walk out of the room and then the switch off, 5 minute later the someone else comes in the room and turns the switch on, and now 10 minutes later the switch is turned off. It is like the app set ups a timer, and then it just run no matter what. It should be cancelled once the switch is turned off and a new timer should be started the 2nd time the light is turned on.

I’ve been looking at my activity log and this is what I can kind of tell from the history of that, and what I’ve been able to see from usage. Anyone else experience that?

Do i just need to write a new app, that whenever someone turns the switch off it goes through the collection of timers and kills all of them?