Post Requests for Zwave Edge Drivers Here (community-created)

Anyone can create a poll, so if you yourself, as a developer, want to gauge interest just create a poll post and do it yourself for the devices you are trying to prioritize.

But in other cases it may just be a matter of a developer happening to have the same device or having a particular interest in a particular device, so I don’t think all the requests should be evaluated on the basis of community interest. Also, I’d be concerned that US requests would dominate a general poll just because of population size.

So I think it’s up to each developer to decide for themselves what they’d like to work on, if anything. If a poll helps you do that, go for it. :sunglasses:

Just say something like “I’d like to prioritize which edge driver I work on next. If you have an interest in any of the following, please vote for it.“

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Very helpful. Thank you!

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Happy 2022 to everyone. I was curious if there was any interest in creating a driver for the Homeseer FLS100+ Motion Sensor. I have never had this working locally and as I use a few of them for Blue Iris recording triggers, its created some apprehension when the internet goes down.

The data in the IDE is:
zw:L type:0701 mfr:000C prod:0201 model:000B ver:0.00 zwv:0.00 lib:00 cc:5E,85,59,55,86,72,5A,73,9F,6C,7A,71,25,31,70,30

and I use this DTH: fls100-motion-sensor


PS, a big thank you to @JDRoberts for helpling keep this place organized.


Driver request for:
Zen thermostat (zigbee)
Kwikset Convert z-wave lock
add fingerprints for all Keen vents.

Back in the good old days, many of use were using Monoprice open/close sensors as smoke detectors, moisture, sensors, security system, etc. These open/close sensors had a pair of contacts internally that wires can be attached to, and then used, along with the modified DTH, for other purposes. I use them as moisture sensors, smoke detectors, and security system arm/disarm detection. This is the DTH that was used.

Would appreciate Edge drivers for them.

Here is a thread on the discussion:


The stock Z-wave repeater edge driver works with the repeater portion of the CentraLite ZigBee plug, Z-wave repeater combo.

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Hold tight. ST will add this officially to the “Zwave Sensor” driver (hopefully soon) as it is a native ST local dth currently which would also include the identical Utilitec model

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Request for Driver for this Device. It is a Monoprice Door/Window sensor ZD2102US with internal contacts.

Data * MSR: 0109-2001-0102

  • endpointId: 0
  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE
    Raw Description zw:L type:2001 mfr:0109 prod:2001 model:0102 cc:71,85,80,72,30,86,84

Just wanted to bump this in the event someone is looking for a new zwave driver. I couldn’t figure out where to start with development so I am throwing in the towel.

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@Brad_ST can currently sold model (i bought it like 8 months ago, and it’s the only model being sold now) of First Alert Smoke Detector fingerprint be added to Z-wave Smoke Detector driver

Current fingerprint in the driver:


  • id: “FirstAlert”
    deviceLabel: First Alert Smoke Alarm
    manufacturerId: 0x0138
    productType: 0x0001
    productId: 0x0002
    deviceProfileName: smoke-co-battery

Fingerprint to be added, data from IDE

networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S2_AUTHENTICATED
Raw Description zw:Ss2a type:0701 mfr:0138 prod:0001 model:0003 ver:11.00 zwv:6.07 lib:06 cc:5E,6C,55,9F sec:86,85,8E,59,72,5A,73,80,71,84,70
Current States
battery: 91 %
checkInterval: 7320 s
smoke: clear
carbonMonoxide: clear

I am willing to test if it’s necessary

Hello everyone!

I’m totally new in this whole Smartthings/Edge/DTH/API … world so please don’t mind if my question seems silly. I’ve chosen this topic since it seems like most active and relevant. Please feel free to move it if not appropriate :slight_smile:

First, I’m having problem understanding the differences between different DTH’s. As I understood, if I can add device without adding any DTH, it means it’s officially supported by Smartthings and it has “stock DTH”, correct? Then there are generic/universal DTH that has to be added, like zigbee switch/dimmer or for Aqara. Finally there are custom DTH aiimed for a specific device, like RBoy’s DTH for Z-TMR3?

I was just about to purchase RBoy’s custom DTH for 4 of my Z-TMR3’s but I haven’t seen any commitment from their side for re-writing the code for Edge drivers. Once Edge will be fully functional, will custom DTH simply stop working? And if author or someone else doesn’t transfer to Edge driver, it won’t be able to use anymore? I wouldn’t like to pay for something I will be able to use only for a year or so!


Bumping this post for any takers….please!

Yes when groovy goes away all DTHs stip working. Even the default ones provided by SmartThings. But AFAIK, SmartThings already has an edge driver replacement for most of the default DTHs already… The folks on this thread are making fast progress for other common devices.


Thanks for the clarification! In the meantime I had tome learning to do … how to change device type in Groovy IDE and differentiate between stock (ST default) and custom (either generic or for specific device) DTH.

But I’m aware now that DTH’s are gonna get retired, and it is to be replaced with Edge drivers!

Any roadmap on when will Edge final be released? Will there be any grace period in which DTH’s will still be working?

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I would humbly want to request Edge driver for the following device:

Heatit Z-TRM3 Z-wave Thermostat

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Nobody ask for Belkin wemo .
Nvidia shield
Also waiting for zwave lock , be469 Schlage.

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You can use the search feature at the top of the page to search for what you’re searching for.

Hi Mariano,

It uses the “Z-Wave Switch Generic” one.

I was expecting this to work with the generic Z-Wave Switch drivers, but it might be missing something on the fingerprints…

Send me the fingerprint of the IDE, please

The switch send button actions, push, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, held, hold?

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