Possible to speed up AeoTech Microdimmer?

I just installed a microdimmer and it paired with smartthings very smoothly (once I crammed everything back in the box.)

I’m disappointed with how it operates though. It is SLOW. The beauty of those microdimmers (and microswitches) is that they wind up looking like nothing changed. When I flip the switch, it takes about 1.5-2 seconds to turn on or off – and with the bulbs I have in there now, it takes some time to do anything at all. The same is true if I use the smartthings app to turn it on or off.

Is there any secret z-wave command I can send or something to make them turn on and off (and change dimness) faster?

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I have almost 30 of these, slow they’re not.
However by default they aren’t set to report state changes optimally.
I wrote a device handler to set the reporting state correctly for use with ST.

The issue isn’t that it is slow to respond, the issue is that when I flip
the switch, it starts the action “dim from 0% to 99% over 3 seconds.”

I contacted aeotech support and they said

“Unfortunately it is not possible to do so through its configuration
setting, if you have full control over Multilevel Switch V2, then it is
possible to set a DURATION value along with the DIM setting. Unfortunately
if you do have this type of control, it will only work via its Z-Wave
control, but will not set a duration setting for its physical switch button

In other words, it is possible to send a z-wave command to turn on or off
instantly, but not to change the behavior of the switch toggle itself.

FWIW, after talking to my wife, I bought one of the microswitches, and
we’re moving the dimmer to a bedroom where the slow dim is more welcome.