Possible Radio Frequency Interference with DirecTV

Our DirecTV receiver has been acting oddly. The receiver randomly responds to commands from the RF remote, even when the batteries are removed from the remote. Switching the receiver from RF to infrared eliminates the problem.

I have had ST in the home for a year. Our problem began at about the same time as we installed ST, beginning with the TV turning itself on at random times. A we added more devices, the problem has gotten worse. Now the receiver opens menus, changes channels, and does other random acts. I have switched it to the IR remote for now. The IR remote has limited functionality, so I would rather use the RF remote.

When I call DirecTV, no one there knows anything, and no one even knew that the frequency of their RF remote is the same as the frequency for ST. I had to find that out myself.

Is there a better solution to this, instead of just staying with the IR remote?

Can you find out the frequency of the DirecTV remote?

From what I can see, the DirecTV remotes operate on 433 MHz. That should not either cause or get interference from a SmartThings hub or other SmartThings devices operating on Zigbee or Z wave or Wi-Fi.

It is possible that if you had the receiving device very close to your SmartThings hub there might be some interference as can happen with any two radio frequency devices, but as long as they’re at least 6 feet apart, they are not operating in the same radio band, and it shouldn’t be a problem.

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