Possible Frequency Interference?

Hey guys,

This may be a dumb question but the situation seems to strange to not ask. I have had ST in my home for greater than a year. I have never had any issues with range excluding the presence sensor, which I fixed with a zigbee plug module. About a month ago, two of my ceiling fans stopped responding to the remotes. Not the entire remote, just the light portion. Is it possible that the zigbee, z-wave devices I have are interfering. Forgive me if this is an a virus answer.

Very unlikely. Ceiling fan remotes are almost always either infrared or on the 433 band. Neither overlaps with Z wave or zigbee.

If you’re in the US or the EU, if you look on the back of the remote, or possibly inside the battery compartment, it will have the frequency license and it will tell you what frequency it is broadcasting on.

Always a wealth of knowledge! Thanks JD!

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