Wake Arduino & smartthings shield

of course i could run a usb cord across the room…but its a little tacky… i have looked up and down for examples or if any has successfully got it to work. has anyone figure how to wake the arduino & smartthings shield if the st platform wants to control the device?

correction. im trying to put asleep then wake when needed. thank you. b/c batteries die quickly on own.

Not currently possible. The shield is not a sleepy device and needs to stay on.

thanks @urman, is there a idle mode i could use with arduino & the smartshield to conserve battery?

if you’re just reporting info and don’t need to respond to anything you could probably use the normal Arduino sleep stuff. Then on wake wait a few seconds to re-connect to the network, send the message, and go sleepy again. Although I’ve never tried it. Would be a cool project!