Pool or Spa Chemical levels

Has anyone stumbled across a project that would monitor the pool or spa chemical levels and alert if they drop below recommended levels? The winters here in WI can be brutal and I hate going out to check our spa chemical levels.

I’m currently working on this — anyone else?

@wackware would be interested I bet.


What system do you have?


What hardware are you using to measure the chemical levels?

Yes, I’m interested in this as well.


Water level #1 Possibly using this sensor https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10221
Objective is to provide status on pool water level, with alert back if level drops below a certain point

Pool Chemistry #2 Goal to Measure ORP and Ph. Possibly using these sensors http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?product_id=3556 and http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?product_id=3551
Objective is to provide monitoring of pool basic chemistry (pH and ORP) with alert if level drops below specified point.

Water Temperature #3 Goal is to measure water temperature below the surface a bit. Several sensors would work for this.

Other considerations:

  • Outdoor sensors needed
  • Power considerations
  • Range issues?
  • Want wireless implementation in some manner (probably wifi) since I don’t want sensor wires running to the house.
  • Longer term integration with water valves to refill pool, or potentially with a pool/spa controller.

Note: Take a look at http://openspamonitor.blogspot.com/ which does much of this using an Ardunio.

Also, I have an acquaintance who has “automated” most of his pool/ space controls using a Raspberry Pi. His implementation (using an Android phone app he wrote/ modified) was fundamentally to mimic the signals coming from his modern pool controller to do things like turn on lights, pumps, heaters, etc. My pool is ancient (I estimate it from the 1970’s) and the controller is a clockwork switch on the pump. So not a lot of automation unless I totally revamp the controller. No heater on my pool either …

This sounds very interesting! Would love to keep track of this through ST!

This looks interesting:

Interesting device. http://www.mysutro.com/#intro

I would love an easy way to smartly monitor my pool’s temp and PH.

Take a look at Sutro. It will be available next year but it is a cloud solution and I have been in talks with them for integration.

I ordered one of these, $250 total with shipping. Can’t wait to try it next spring, hopefully. I have a good LaMotte pool colorimeter chemical test kit, so I will periodically test to see how accurate the Sutro is.

I’m hoping to get my pool info on Smarttiles & even better asking my Alexa’s what the pool temp, pH, chlorine levels are. Sutro is hooked up with Amazon but it looks like it might just be for ordering pool chemicals.

I’m in Nebraska so I closed my pool about 3 weeks ago. But it’s gonna be 80 degrees here on Halloween day! Maybe I should of kept it open. :sunglasses::beers:

Reviving an old thread, the PHin is awesome! Wish it had smart things notification tho :slight_smile:

I’m not a fan. It basically just reminds you to test strips. It doesn’t really test the chemicals. I thought it did more.

Ive been in talks with Ravi the owner, and they had to change gears for the Sutro water tester. They have a newer sensor that provides better results. Looking to release this year now… (Hopefully)


Nice, yeh I guess the PHin does show you PH levels, advises on chemicals to increase, decrease and quantity and does show the sanitizer level. Apart from that its looking at the test strip images.