Plug in humidity sensor?

I’m looking for a plug in humidity sensor for a room where I want to monitor humidity levels. I don’t want battery powered so that it’s a zero maintenance solution. Can anyone reccomend a product?

I actually have an Iris temp/humidity sensor that’s going on 2.5 years on the same battery, and that’s not too bad if you ask me!

What you can do is get a battery powered device, and instead of using a battery you can wire up and solder a USB wall plug to the battery terminals. I did exactly that with a Spruce zigbee soil sensor that I took from my front yard, and now have it on my porch keeping an eye on a large plant.

The aeotec 6 multisensor can be run off of either battery or Mains power using a USB adapter. No soldering required. :wink:


LOL, I prefer the MacGyver method!

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Thank you both. I’ll try the Aeotec with no soldering required first.


The Aeotec Multisensor 6 also runs local which speeds up and improves the reliability of automations. I have had one installed for 4 months now using the stock device handler. Not missed a beat.


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