Plex Pass 3-Month Trial

Plex offers a Plex Pass 3-Month Trial for free via coupon code “ByteMyBits”. (Sign in or sign up to see this offer. This code may apply automatically.) That’s a savings of $15. Plex Pass allows you to record TV for free over the air and sync your media for offline enjoyment. It also features parental controls as well as custom music, photo, and video features.

Note: Be sure to cancel your subscription before your trial ends to avoid the recurring $4.99 monthly charge.


Thank you for the information. Just subscribed and the coupon code worked as advertised!

I have lifetime. Worth every penny

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Lifetime subscription and have been since the beta days. If you’re on the fence about Plex, give it a try.

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Why do you say that?

Any lifetime deals? Does lifetime go on sale at certain times?

It’s 20% off right now ($119.99 versus $149.99) To be fair, most of the Plex features don’t require a Plex pass, but for multiple users (handy if you have kids), camera upload and the advanced music features, you need it. Also, I’m not 100% certain, but I think to use the webhooks functionality, you also need a Plex pass.

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Either the promo has ended, or it doesn’t apply to the UK… :roll_eyes:

Just tried to sign up using the promo code, but it says not valid. I guess maybe it expired already?