Amazon 3rd Gen Echo Dot w/ 1 month Amazon Music $8.98 and Prime 1 day shipping

Amazon promo, remember to cancel the music subscription before the first month is up or it will auto renew for $7.99


I was in need of another Dot. So, I took advantage of this as soon as I noticed it the other day. Mine already arrived. :slight_smile:

You could get one of these and when Amazon offers trade-ins, either trade this in or an older dot for something better.


FYI, when I went to pick up my Echo Dot (or so I thought) from the local Amazon Locker where I had it delivered today, I was surprized to find this in the package instead…

Then, when I contacted Amazon customer service, I had the worst experience of my life with Amazon as a company. I was in the chat with them for over an hour, arguing about whose responsibility it should be to fix this situation.

Well, eventually I got to a person with enough sense (and authority) to do ‘the right thing’, and they are now sending me a replacement.

I won’t start going around trashing Amazon. I have always really appreciated their overall treatment of customers, and will most likely forget about this for the most part a few months after this when I’m happily listening to all kinds of cool things on my Dot that were sent to it from Echo Speaks in SmartThingsland, etc.

However, once in a while, even the good ones deserve a little correction, and this time is one of those occasions. :expressionless:

Oh since they started with their own Amazon Logistics delivery we’ve had nothing but problems. They don’t even bother returning our calls anymore we have called so many times to complain about missing or damaged deliveries.

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oh, crap.
So, this is a thing now?